Project - Raising of productivity in company “Alevista”. Participating international exhibitions.

JSC “Alevista” is a meat processing factory built according to the highest requirements and standards of European Union and exporting more than twenty percent of its production to other EU countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, France and others.
On 2014 September 17th JSC “Alevista” signed the contract ( No.: VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-05-218) of administration and financing according to measure named “New possibilities” of 2nd priority of program for growth in economics named “Raising productivity and improving maintenance in business”. Project is funded by fund of regional development in Europe and recourses of budget of Lithuania.
Purpose of project – raise productivity and competitiveness of company through raising the amount in exports.
The following participations in the international exhibitions were funded from the budget of the project: “SIAL 2014”, “IFE 2015”, “PLMA INTERNATIONAL 2015”.