Chilled production

In our factory we prefer hand-cut work. That allows us to produce different products according to our clients needs. This is the way we can produce intraditional production. Moreover we can produce chilled production packed in different size packages that is filled with a protective gas that increases expirity date up to 12 days. Also we have technologies that allows us to produce calibrated production.

  • Chicken single breast fillet with/without inner fillet
  • Chicken double breast fillet with inner fillet
  • Chicken breast inner fillet
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Chicken 3 joined wings
  • Chicken leg quarter
  • Chicken thigh
  • Chicken leg meat
  • Chicken fillet with bone and skin
  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken drumstick meat with pushed out bone
  • Chicken lollipops

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What Customers say

  • We feel safe having such partner as „Alevista“. Strictly scheduled delivery with highest quality production – thats why we‘ve chosen „Alevista“.

    Alex, sales manager
  • „Alevista“ satisfies our main requirement – precisely calibrated production.

    George, quality controller
  • We are working with individual quick frozen production. „Alevista“ can offer a wide selection of production in this category so we are very glad of working with this company.

    Maximilienne , procurement manager