Who We Are?

About us

Counting more over ten years in business, meat processing company “Alevista” started its work from producing smoked poultry only. During these years from the very beginning “Alevista” outgrew to several business spheres in meat production managing company. Moreover company is keeping strong positions not only in local market, but also exporting more than twenty percent of its production to European market.
Well formed team is working every day to develop range in supply and raise the company name value through the best quality and flawless production. To reach our goals we improve technologies and production processes constantly.

Main history facts of “Alevista” company

  • Company “Alevista” was founded in 2004 and started its work with producing smoked poultry.
  • In 2006 started producing rolls and culinary products.
  • In 2007 was built and opened new factory.
  • In 2008 started producing production of pork and cutting line for poultry installed.
  • In 2009 opened line of sausages.
  • In 2012 started lines of individually quick freezing and calibrating.

What Customers say

  • We feel safe having such partner as „Alevista“. Strictly scheduled delivery with highest quality production – thats why we‘ve chosen „Alevista“.

    Alex, sales manager
  • „Alevista“ satisfies our main requirement – precisely calibrated production.

    George, quality controller
  • We are working with individual quick frozen production. „Alevista“ can offer a wide selection of production in this category so we are very glad of working with this company.

    Maximilienne , procurement manager